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Brightnessn. [AS. beorhines. See Bright.].
  •  The quality or state of being bright; splendor; luster; brilliancy; clearness.  [1913 Webster]
    "A sudden brightness in his face appear."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Acuteness (of the faculties); sharpness 9wit.  [1913 Webster]
    "The brightness of his parts . . . distinguished him."  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Splendor; luster; radiance; resplendence; brilliancy; effulgence; glory; clearness.



Munsell chroma, Technicolor, acuity, acuteness, adroitness, agility, alertness, aptitude, aptness, attention, attentiveness, auspiciousness, beneficence, benevolence, benignancy, benignity, blare, blaze, blazing light, blinding light, blitheness, blithesomeness, braininess, bright color, bright light, bright side, brilliance, brilliancy, brilliant light, burst of light, cheer, cheerfulness, cheeriness, cheery vein, chroma, chromatic color, chromaticity, clear thinking, cleverness, color, color quality, colorfulness, colorimetric quality, cool color, dazzling light, dexterity, docility, educability, effulgence, esprit, eupeptic mien, facility, fair weather, favorableness, flair, flamboyance, flood of light, fortunateness, fulgor, gaiety, geniality, genius, giftedness, gifts, gladness, gladsomeness, glamour, glare, glaring light, gloriousness, glory, good auspices, good cheer, good omen, gorgeousness, happiness, heavenliness, hopefulness, hue, impressionability, intelligence, intensity, keen-wittedness, keenness, lightness, luckiness, luster, malleability, mental alertness, mercurial mind, moldability, motivation, native cleverness, neutral color, nimble mind, nimble-wittedness, nimbleness, nous, optimism, plasticity, pleasantness, pliability, promptitude, promptness, propitiousness, prosperousness, punctuality, pure color, purity, quick parts, quick thinking, quick wit, quick-wittedness, quickness, radiance, radiancy, radiant splendor, ravishingness, readiness, ready wit, receptivity, refulgence, refulgency, resplendence, resplendency, richness, rosy expectation, sanguine humor, sanguineness, saturation, savvy, sharp-wittedness, sharpness, sleeplessness, smartness, smarts, splendidness, splendor, splendorousness, splendrousness, sprightly wit, streaming light, sublimity, sunniness, sunny side, susceptibility, talent, teachability, teachableness, tint, tone, trainableness, value, vividness, wakefulness, warm color, willingness, winsomeness




N light, ray, beam, stream, gleam, streak, pencil, sunbeam, moonbeam, aurora, day, sunshine, light of day, light of heaven, moonlight, starlight, sunlight, daylight, broad daylight, noontide light, noontide, noonday, noonday sun, glow, glimmering, glint, play of light, flood of light, phosphorescence, lambent flame, flush, halo, glory, nimbus, aureola, spark, scintilla, facula, sparkling, emication, scintillation, flash, blaze, coruscation, fulguration, flame, lightning, levin, ignis fatuus, luster, sheen, shimmer, reflexion, reflection, gloss, tinsel, spangle, brightness, brilliancy, splendor, effulgence, refulgence, fulgor, fulgidity, dazzlement, resplendence, transplendency, luminousness, luminosity, lucidity, renitency, nitency, radiance, radiation, irradiation, illumination, actinic rays, actinism, Roentgen-ray, Xray, photography, heliography, photometer, optics, photology, photometry, dioptrics, catoptrics, chiaroscuro, clairobscur, clear obscure, breadth, light and shade, black and white, tonality, reflection, refraction, dispersion, refractivity, shining, luminous, luminiferous, lucid, lucent, luculent, lucific, luciferous, light, lightsome, bright, vivid, splendent, nitid, lustrous, shiny, beamy, scintillant, radiant, lambent, sheen, sheeny, glossy, burnished, glassy, sunny, orient, meridian, noonday, tide, cloudless, clear, unclouded, unobscured, gairish, garish, resplendent, transplendent, refulgent, effulgent, fulgid, fulgent, relucent, splendid, blazing, in a blaze, ablaze, rutilant, meteoric, phosphorescent, aglow, bright as silver, light as day, bright as day, light as noonday, bright as noonday, bright as the sun at noonday, actinic, photogenic, graphic, heliographic, heliophagous, a day for gods to stoop and men to soar, dark with excessive bright.

Also see definition of "Brightness" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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