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HEBREW: 6890 rxvh tru Tsereth hash-Shachar
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Zereth Shahar

In Bible versions:

Zereth Shahar: NET NIV
Zereth-Shahar: AVS TEV
Zereth-shahar: NRSV NASB
a town of Reuben associated with Heshbon
Google Maps: Zereth-shahar (31° 37´, 35° 34´)


Strongs #06890: rxvh tru Tsereth hash-Shachar

Zareth-shahar = "splendour of the dawn"

1) a town in Reuben

6890 Tsereth hash-Shachar tseh'-reth hash-shakh'-ar

from the same as 6889 and 7837 with the article interposed;
splendor of the dawn; Tsereth-hash-Shachar, a place in
see HEBREW for 06889
see HEBREW for 07837


ZERETH-SHAHAR - ze'-reth-sha'-har (tsereth ha-shachar; Codex Vaticanus Sereda kai Seion, Codex Alexandrinus Sarth kai Sior): A town in the territory of Reuben, "in the mount of the valley," named with Kiriathaim and Sibmah (Josh 13:19). Perhaps in the name Chammat ec-Cara, attaching to the hot springs near Macherus, there may be some echo of the ancient name; but no identification is possible.

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