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HEBREW: 242 hrav Nza 'Uzzen She'erah
NAVE: Uzzen Sheerah
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Uzzen Sheerah

In Bible versions:

Uzzen Sheerah: NET NIV
Uzzen-Sheerah: AVS TEV
Uzzen-sheerah: NRSV NASB
a town (probably)
Google Maps: Uzzen-sheerah (31° 53´, 35° 2´)


Strongs #0242: hrav Nza 'Uzzen She'erah

Uzzen Sherah = "portion of Sherah"

1) city built by Sherah, Ephraim's daughter

242 'Uzzen She'erah ooz-zane' sheh-er-aw'

from 238 and 7609; plat of Sheerah (i.e. settled by him);
Uzzen-Sheerah, a place in Palestine:-Uzzen-sherah.
see HEBREW for 0238
see HEBREW for 07609

Uzzen Sheerah [NAVE]

See: Uzzen-sherah.


UZZEN-SHEERAH - uz'-en-she'-e-ra ('uzzen she'erah; Septuagint, instead of a place-name, reads kai huioi Ozan, Seera, "and the sons of Ozan, Sheera"; the King James Version Uzzen-sherah, uzzen-she'ra): As it stands in Massoretic Text this is the name of a town built by Sheerah, daughter of Ephraim, to whom is attributed also the building of the two Beth-horons (1 Ch 7:24). No satisfactory identification has been proposed. Septuagint suggests that the text may have been tampered with.

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