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GREEK: 4999 Tabernai Tabernai
NAVE: Three Taverns
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Three Taverns

In Bible versions:

Three Inns: NASB
a town which was apparently often used by travellers as a rest stop on the Appian Way
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Google Maps: Three Taverns (41° 35´, 12° 49´)


Strongs #4999: Tabernai Tabernai

1) taverns
2) Three Taverns, the name of a halting place on the Appian way
between Rome and the Market of Appius; it was 10 miles (16 km)
from the latter place and 33 miles (50 km) ) from Rome

4999 Tabernai tab-er'-nahee

plural of Latin origin; huts or wooden-walled buildings;

Three Taverns [NAVE]

THREE TAVERNS, a town in Italy. Roman Christians meet Paul in, Acts 28:15.


A station on the Appian Road, along which St. Paul travelled from Puteoli to Rome. (Acts 28:15) The distances, reckoning southward from Rome are given as follows in the Antonine Itinerary: "to Aricia, 16 miles; to Three Taverns, 17 miles; to Appii Forum, 10 miles;" and, comparing this with what is still observed along the line of road, we have no difficulty in coming to the conclusion that "Three Taverns" was near the modern Cisterna . Just at this point a road came in from Antium on the coast. There is no doubt that "Three Taverns" was a frequent meeting-place of travellers.

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