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HEBREW: 8387 hlv tnat Ta'anath Shiloh
NAVE: Taanath-shiloh
EBD: Taanath-shiloh
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Taanath Shiloh

In Bible versions:

Taanath Shiloh: NET NIV
Taanath-Shiloh: AVS TEV
Taanath-shiloh: NRSV NASB
a town of Canaanites in western Manasseh 10 km ESE of Shechem
Google Maps: Taanath-shiloh (32° 9´, 35° 22´)


Strongs #08387: hlv tnat Ta'anath Shiloh

Taanath-shiloh = "approach to Shiloh"

1) a landmark on the boundary of Ephraim

8387 Ta'anath Shiloh tah-an-ath' shee-lo'

from 8385 and 7887; approach of Shiloh; Taanath-Shiloh, a
place in Palestine:-Taanath-shiloh.
see HEBREW for 08385
see HEBREW for 07887

Taanath-shiloh [EBD]

approach to Shiloh, a place on the border of Ephraim (Josh. 16:6), probably the modern T'ana, a ruin 7 miles south-east of Shechem, on the ridge east of the Mukhnah plain.

Taanath-shiloh [NAVE]

TAANATH-SHILOH, a city of Ephraim, Josh. 16:6.


TAANATH-SHILOH - ta'-a-nath-shi'-lo (ta'-anath shiloh; Codex Vaticanus Thenasa kai Sellesa, Tenathselo): A town on the border of the territory of Ephraim named between Michmethath and Janoah (Josh 16:6). According to Eusebius, Onomasticon (s.v. "Thena") it lay about 10 Roman miles East of Neapolis, on the road to the Jordan. Ptolemy speaks of Thena, probably the same place, as a town in Samaria (Josh 16:16,5). It may be identified with Ta`na, a village about 7 miles Southeast of Nablus. Yanun, the ancient Janoah, lies 2 miles to the South. A Roman road from Neapolis to the Jordan valley passed this way. At Ta`na there are "foundations, caves, cisterns and rockcut tombs" (PEFM, II, 245). This identification being quite satisfactory, the Talmudic notion that Taanath-shiloh was the same place as Shiloh may be dismissed (Jerusalem Talmud, Meghillah, i).

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