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In Bible versions:

Salmah: NET
son of Nahshon, prince of Judah
son of Hur; founding father of Bethlehem
a son of Nashon; the father of Boaz; an ancestor of Jesus
son of Nahshon and Rahab; father of Boaz, David's ancestor

peace; perfection
peaceable; perfect; he that rewards ( --> same as Salome)


Strongs #4533: salmwn Salmon

Salmon = "raiment: a garment"

1) the father of Boaz in the genealogy of Christ

4533 Salmon sal-mone'

of Hebrew origin (8012); Salmon, an Israelite:-Salmon.
see HEBREW for 08012


Strongs #08007: amls Salma'

Salma = "garment"

1) father of Boaz, father-in-law of Ruth, and grandfather of David
1a) also 'Salmon', 'Salmah'

8007 Salma' sal-maw'

probably for 8008; clothing; Salma, the name of two
see HEBREW for 08008

Strongs #08009: hmls Salmah

Salmon = "garment"

1) father of Boaz, father-in-law of Ruth, and grandfather of David
1a) also 'Salmah', 'Salma'

8009 Salmah sal-maw'

the same as 8008; clothing; Salmah, an Israelite:-Salmon.
Compare 8012.
see HEBREW for 08008
see HEBREW for 08012

Strongs #08012: Nwmls Salmown

Salmon = "garment"

1) father of Boaz, father-in-law of Ruth, and grandfather of David
1a) also 'Salmah', 'Salma'

8012 Salmown sal-mone'

from 8008; investiture; Salmon, an Israelite:-Salmon.
Compare 8009.
see HEBREW for 08008
see HEBREW for 08009

Salmon [EBD]

garment, the son of Nashon (Ruth 4:20; Matt. 1:4, 5), possibly the same as Salma in 1 Chr. 2:51.

Salmon [EBD]

shady; or Zalmon (q.v.), a hill covered with dark forests, south of Shechem, from which Abimelech and his men gathered wood to burn that city (Judg. 9:48). In Ps. 68:14 the change from war to peace is likened to snow on the dark mountain, as some interpret the expression. Others suppose the words here mean that the bones of the slain left unburied covered the land, so that it seemed to be white as if covered with snow. The reference, however, of the psalm is probably to Josh. 11 and 12. The scattering of the kings and their followers is fitly likened unto the snow-flakes rapidly falling on the dark Salmon. It is the modern Jebel Suleiman.

Salma [NAVE]

1. Son of Caleb, 1 Chr. 2:51, 54.
2. Called also Salmon. Father of Boaz, Ruth 4:20, 21; 1 Chr. 2:11.
In the lineage of Joseph, Matt. 1:4, 5; Luke 3:32.

Salmon [NAVE]

1. A hill, Psa. 68:14.
2. See: Salma, 2.


(garment), (Ruth 4:20,21; 1 Chronicles 2:11,51,54; Matthew 1:4,5; Luke 3:32) son of Nahshon. the prince of the children of Judah, and father of Boat, the husband of Ruth. (B.C. 1296.) Bethlehem-ephratah, which was Salmon?s inheritance, was part of the territory of Caleb, the grandson of Ephratah; and this caused him to be reckoned among the sons of Caleb.


a hill near Shechem, on which Abimelech and his followers cut down the boughs with which they set the tower of Shechem on fire. (Judges 9:48) Its exact position is not known. Referred to in (Psalms 68:14)


the father of Boar. [SALMA, OR SALMON]


SALMA - sal'-ma.



SALMON; SALMA - sal'-mon, (salmon, "investiture" (Ruth 4:21), salmah, "clothing" (Ruth 4:20), salma' (1 Ch 2:11,51,54); Salmon):

(1) The father of Boaz, the husband of Ruth, and thus the grandfather of Jesse, David's father (Ruth 4:20,21). He is mentioned in both the genealogies of Jesus (Mt 1:4,5; Lk 3:32). From Mt 1:5 we learn that he married Rahab, by whom he begat Boaz.

(2) In 1 Ch 2:51 ff, we read of a Salma, "the father of Beth-lehem," a son of Caleb, the son of Hur. He is also said to be the father of "the Netophathites, Atroth-beth-joab, and half of the Manahathites, the Zorites," and several "families of scribes."

See also ZALMON.

S. F. Hunter

Also see definition of "Salmon" in Word Study

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