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EBD: Perazim, Mount
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Perazim, Mount

Google Maps: Mount (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

Perazim, Mount [EBD]

mount of breaches, only in Isa. 28:21. It is the same as BAAL-PERAZIM (q.v.), where David gained a victory over the Philistines (2 Sam. 5:20).


PERAZIM, MOUNT - per'-a-zim, pe-ra'-zim (har-peratsim): "Yahweh will rise up as in mount Perazim" (Isa 28:21). It is usually considered to be identical with BAAL-PERAZIM (which see), where David obtained a victory over the Philistines (2 Sam 5:20; 1 Ch 14:11).

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