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HEBREW: 6450 Mymd op Pac Dammiym
NAVE: Pas-dammim
EBD: Pas-dammim
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Pas Dammim

In Bible versions:

Pas Dammim: NET NIV
Pas-Dammim: AVS TEV
Pas-dammim: NRSV
Pasdammim: NASB
a place in Judah between Soco and Azekah; 10-15 km east of Gath
Google Maps: Pas-dammim (31° 41´, 34° 56´)


Strongs #06450: Mymd op Pac Dammiym

Pas-dammim = "boundary of blood"

1) a place in western Judah

6450 Pac Dammiym pas dam-meem'

from 6446 and the plural of 1818; palm (i.e. dell) of
bloodshed; Pas-Dammim, a place in Palestine:-Pas-dammim.
Compare 658.
see HEBREW for 06446
see HEBREW for 01818
see HEBREW for 0658

Pas-dammim [EBD]

the border of blood = Ephes-dammim (q.v.), between Shochoh and Azekah (1 Sam. 17:1; 1 Chr. 11:13).

Pas-dammim [NAVE]

A battle between David and the Philistines, fought at, 1 Chr. 11:13.
Called Ephes-dammim in 1 Sam. 17:1.


(boundary of blood). [EPHES-DAMMIM]


PAS-DAMMIM - pas-dam'-im.


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