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Elon Beth Hanan

In Bible versions:

Elon Beth Hanan: NET
Elon-Beth-Hanan: AVS TEV
Elon Bethhanan: NIV
Elon-beth-hanan;: NRSV
Elonbeth-hanan: NASB
a town or region possibly Aijalon 19 km WNW of Jerusalem

the house of grace or mercy
Google Maps: Elonbeth-hanan (31° 51´, 35° 6´)


Strongs #0358: Nnx tyb Nwlya 'Eylown Beyth Chanan

Elon Beth-hanan = "oak of the house of grace"

1) a city of Dan

358 'Eylown Beyth Chanan ay-lone' bayth-chaw-nawn'

from 356, 1004, and 2603; oak-grove of (the) house of favor;
Elon of Beth-chanan, a place in Palestine:-Elon-beth-hanan.
see HEBREW for 0356
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 02603

Beth-hanan [NAVE]

See: Elon-beth-hanan.

Elon-Beth-Hanan [NAVE]

A town of Dan, 1 Kin. 4:9.
Perhaps identical with Elon in Josh. 19:43.


BETH-HANAN; ELON-BETH-HANAN - beth-ha'-nan (1 Ki 4:9).


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