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HEBREW: 1031 hlgx tyb Beyth Choglah
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Beth Hoglah

In Bible versions:

Beth Hoglah: NET NIV
Beth-Hoglah: AVS TEV
Beth-hoglah: NRSV NASB
a town of Benjamin 5 km SE of Jericho
Google Maps: Beth-hoglah (31° 50´, 35° 30´)


Strongs #01031: hlgx tyb Beyth Choglah

Beth-hoglah = "house of the partridge" or "place of partridge"

1) a place in Benjamin on the border with Judah

1031 Beyth Choglah bayth chog-law'

from 1004 and the same as 2295; house of a partridge;
Beth-Choglah, a place in Palestine:-Beth-hoglah.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 02295


BETH-HOGLAH - beth-hog'-la (beth-choghlah; Septuagint Baithaglaam, "house of partridge"): Mentioned in Josh 15:6; 18:19, identified with Ain Haijab ("partridge spring") lying between Jericho and the Jordan, where in 1874 there was still a ruined Greek monastery called Kasr Hajlah, dating from the 12th century. The ruins are now destroyed. In Josh 15:5; 18:19 it is said to be at the mouth of the Jordan on a Tongue (Lisan) of the Salt Sea. But it is now several miles inland, probably because the Jordan has silt edition up a delta to that extent.


George Frederick Wright

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