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HEBREW: 1012 hrb tyb Beyth Barah
NAVE: Beth-barah
EBD: Beth-barah
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Beth Barah

In Bible versions:

Beth Barah: NET NIV
Beth-Barah: AVS TEV
Beth-barah: NRSV NASB
a place along the Jordan a long way south of Beth-Shan

the chosen house
Google Maps: Beth-barah (31° 50´, 35° 33´)


Strongs #01012: hrb tyb Beyth Barah

Beth-barah = "house of (the) ford"

1) a place on the Jordan

1012 Beyth Barah bayth baw-raw'

probably from 1004 and 5679; house of (the) ford; Beth-Barah,
a place in Palestine:-Beth-barah.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 05679

Beth-barah [EBD]

house of crossing, a place south of the scene of Gideon's victory (Judg. 7:24). It was probably the chief ford of the Jordan in that district, and may have been that by which Jacob crossed when he returned from Mesopotamia, near the Jabbok (Gen. 32:22), and at which Jephthah slew the Ephraimites (Judg. 12:4). Nothing, however, is certainly known of it. (See BETHABARA.)

Beth-barah [NAVE]

BETH-BARAH, a place E. of Jordan, Judg. 7:24.


BETH-BARAH - beth-ba'-ra (beth barah; Baithera): Perhaps Beth-`abharu, the guttural being lost in copying. It is a ford which the Midianites were expected to pass in fleeing from Gideon. Messengers were therefore sent by Gideon to the Ephraimites bidding them "take before them the waters, as far as Beth-barah, even (the Revised Version, margin "and also") the Jordan" (Jdg 7:24). "The waters" were the streams emptying themselves into the Jordan: "even the Jordan" is a gloss on "the waters." Between the Jordan and the modern Wady Fari`ah an enemy could be entrapped; it is therefore probable that Beth-barah was on that stream near its entrance into the Jordan.


S. F. Hunter

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