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HEBREW: 1009 labra tyb Beyth 'Arbe'l
NAVE: Beth-arbel
EBD: Beth-arbel
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Beth Arbel

In Bible versions:

Beth Arbel: NET NIV
Beth-Arbel: AVS TEV
Beth-arbel: NRSV NASB
a town in northern Transjordania (OS)
NETBible Maps: Map5 D5
Google Maps: Beth-arbel (32° 33´, 35° 50´)


Strongs #01009: labra tyb Beyth 'Arbe'l

Beth-Arbel = "house of God's Ambush"

1) a place in Palestine, perhaps Gilead or Galilee

1009 Beyth 'Arbe'l bayth ar-bale'

from 1004 and 695 and 410; house of God's ambush; Beth-Arbel,
a place in Palestine:-Beth-Arbel.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 0695
see HEBREW for 0410

Beth-arbel [EBD]

house of God's court, a place alluded to by Hosea (10:14) as the scene of some great military exploit, but not otherwise mentioned in Scripture. The Shalman here named was probably Shalmaneser, the king of Assyria (2 Kings 17:3).

Beth-arbel [NAVE]

BETH-ARBEL, a city spoiled by Shalman, Hos. 10:14.


BETH-ARBEL - beth-ar'-bel (beth 'arbe'l): The scene of a terrific disaster inflicted on the inhabitants by Shalman (Hos 10:14). If the place intended was in Palestine, and was not the famous city of that name on the Euphrates, then probably it should be identified either with Irbid (or Irbil) in Galilee, or with Irbid, which corresponds to Arbela of the Eusebius, Onomasticon, East of the Jordan, about 12 miles Southeast of Gadara. If, as Schrader thinks (COT, II, 140), Shalman stands for the Moabite king, Shalamanu, a tributary of Tiglath-pileser, the eastern town would be the more natural identification. Possibly however the reference is to Shalmaneser III or IV. For the Galilean site, see ARBELA; see also DB, under the word

W. Ewing

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