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HEBREW: 1130 ddh-Nb Ben-Hadad
NAVE: Ben-hadad
EBD: Ben-hadad
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Ben Hadad

In Bible versions:

Ben Hadad: NET
Ben-Hadad: AVS NIV TEV
Ben-hadad: NRSV NASB
king of Syria during the time of King Asa of Judah
king of Syria during the time of King Ahab of Israel
king of Syria during the time of King Amaziah of Judah;
a title for Syrian kings when Babylon was rising to power


Strongs #01130: ddh-Nb Ben-Hadad

Ben-hadad = "son of [the false god] Hadad"

1) the king of Syria, contemporary with Asa of Judah
2) the son of Hazael, also king of Syria

1130 Ben-Hadad ben-had-ad'

from 1121 and 1908; son of Hadad; Ben-Hadad, the name of
several Syrian kings:-Ben-hadad.
see HEBREW for 01121
see HEBREW for 01908

Ben-hadad [EBD]

the standing title of the Syrian kings, meaning "the son of Hadad." (See HADADEZER.)

(1.) The king of Syria whom Asa, king of Judah, employed to invade Israel (1 Kings 15:18).

(2.) Son of the preceding, also king of Syria. He was long engaged in war against Israel. He was murdered probably by Hazael, by whom he was succeeded (2 Kings 8:7-15), after a reign of some thirty years.

(3.) King of Damascus, and successor of his father Hazael on the throne of Syria (2 Kings 13:3, 4). His misfortunes in war are noticed by Amos (1:4).

Ben-hadad [NAVE]

1. King of Syria, 1 Kin. 15:18-20; 2 Chr. 16:2-4.
2. A king of Syria, who reigned in the time of Ahab, son of Ben-hadad I, 1 Kin. 20; 2 Kin. 5; 6; 7; 8:7-15.
3. Son of Hazael and king of Syria, 2 Kin. 13:3, 24, 25; Amos 1:4.

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