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HEBREW: 243 rwbt twnza 'Aznowth Tabowr
NAVE: Aznoth-Tabor
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Aznoth Tabor

In Bible versions:

Aznoth Tabor: NET NIV
Aznoth-Tabor: AVS TEV
Aznoth-tabor: NRSV NASB
a town on the border of Naphtali (OS)

the ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition
Google Maps: Aznoth-tabor (32° 41´, 35° 23´)


Strongs #0243: rwbt twnza 'Aznowth Tabowr

Aznoth Tabor = "peaks of Tabor"

1) a pair of hills on Naphtali's border

243 'Aznowth Tabowr az-noth' taw-bore'

from 238 and 8396; flats (i.e. tops) of Tabor (i.e. situated
on it); Aznoth-Tabor, a place in Palestine:-Aznoth-tabor.
see HEBREW for 0238
see HEBREW for 08396

Aznoth-Tabor [NAVE]

AZNOTH-TABOR, a town in Naphtali, Josh. 19:34.


AZNOTH-TABOR - az'noth-ta'-bor 'aznoth tabhor, "peaks of Tabor": A place in western Naphtali, evidently in the vicinity of Mt. Tabor (Josh 19:34). The exact locality is not known.

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