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Zephaniah 3:6


“I destroyed 1  nations; their walled cities 2  are in ruins. I turned their streets into ruins; no one passes through them. Their cities are desolate; 3  no one lives there. 4 


Isa 10:1-34; Isa 15:1-16:14; Isa 19:1-25; Isa 37:11-13,24-26,36; Jer 25:9-11; Jer 25:18-26; Na 2:1-3:19; 1Co 10:6,11

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tn Heb “cut off.”

tn Heb “corner towers”; NEB, NRSV “battlements.”

tn This Hebrew verb (צָדָה, tsadah) occurs only here in the OT, but its meaning is established from the context and from an Aramaic cognate.

tn Heb “so that there is no man, without inhabitant.”

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