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Zechariah 12:13


the clan of the descendants of Levi by itself and their wives by themselves; and the clan of the Shimeites 1  by itself and their wives by themselves –


Ex 6:16-26; Nu 3:1-4:49; 2Sa 16:5; 1Ki 1:8; 1Ch 3:19; 1Ch 4:27; 1Ch 23:7,10; 2Ch 29:14; Mal 2:4-9

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sn The Shimeites were Levites (Exod 6:16-17; Num 3:17-18) who presumably were prominent in the postexilic era. Just as David and Nathan represented the political leadership of the community, so Levi and Shimei represented the religious leadership. All will lament the piercing of the Messiah.

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