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Romans 8:2


For the law of the life-giving Spirit 1  in Christ Jesus has set you 2  free from the law of sin and death.


Ps 51:12; Joh 4:10,14; Joh 6:63; Joh 7:38,39; Joh 8:32; Joh 8:36; Ro 3:27; Ro 5:21; Ro 6:18,22; Ro 7:21,24,25; Ro 8:10,11; 1Co 15:45; 2Co 3:6; 2Co 3:17; Ga 2:19; Ga 5:1; Re 11:11; Re 22:1

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tn Grk “for the law of the Spirit of life.”

tc Most mss read the first person singular pronoun με (me) here (A D 1739c 1881 Ï lat sa). The second person singular pronoun σε (se) is superior because of external support (א B {F which reads σαι} G 1506* 1739*) and internal support (it is the harder reading since ch. 7 was narrated in the first person). At the same time, it could have arisen via dittography from the final syllable of the verb preceding it (ἠλευθέρωσεν, hleuqerwsen; “has set free”). But for this to happen in such early and diverse witnesses is unlikely, especially as it depends on various scribes repeatedly overlooking either the nu or the nu-bar at the end of the verb.

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