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Romans 14:22


The faith 1  you have, keep to yourself before God. Blessed is the one who does not judge himself by what he approves.


Ac 24:16; Ro 7:15,24; Ro 14:2,5,14,23; 2Co 1:12; Ga 6:1; Jas 3:13; 1Jo 3:21

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tc ‡ Several important Alexandrian witnesses (א A B C 048) have the relative pronoun ἥν ({hn, “the faith that you have”) at this juncture, but D F G Ψ 1739 1881 Ï lat co lack it. Without the pronoun, the clause is more ambiguous (either “Keep the faith [that] you have between yourself and God” or “Do you have faith? Keep it between yourself and God”). The pronoun thus looks to be a motivated reading, created to clarify the meaning of the text. Even though it is found in the better witnesses, in this instance internal evidence should be given preference. NA27 places the word in brackets, indicating some doubt as to its authenticity.

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