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Revelation 19:14


The 1  armies that are in heaven, dressed in white, clean, fine linen, 2  were following him on white horses.


Ps 68:17; Ps 149:6-9; Zec 14:5; Mt 26:53; Mt 28:3; 2Th 1:7; Jude 1:14; Re 4:4; Re 7:9; Re 14:1,20; Re 17:14; Re 19:8; Re 19:11

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tn Here καί (kai) has not been translated because of differences between Greek and English style.

tn On the term translated “fine linen,” BDAG 185 s.v. βύσσινος states, “made of fine linen, subst. τὸ β. fine linen, linen garmentRv 18:12, 16; 19:8, 14.”

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