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Psalms 81:1


For the music director; according to the gittith style; 2  by Asaph. Shout for joy to God, our source of strength! Shout out to the God of Jacob!


Ge 50:17; Ps 8:1; Ps 18:1,2; Ps 28:7; Ps 33:1-3; Ps 46:1-7; Ps 46:11; Ps 52:7; Ps 66:1; Ps 67:4; Ps 100:1,2; Jer 31:7; Mt 22:32; Php 4:13

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sn Psalm 81. The psalmist calls God’s people to assemble for a festival and then proclaims God’s message to them. The divine speech (vv. 6-16) recalls how God delivered the people from Egypt, reminds Israel of their rebellious past, expresses God’s desire for his people to obey him, and promises divine protection in exchange for obedience.

tn The precise meaning of the Hebrew term הַגִּתִּית (haggittit) is uncertain; it probably refers to a musical style or instrument. See the superscription to Ps 8.

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