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Psalms 78:51


He struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, the firstfruits of their reproductive power 1  in the tents of Ham.


Ge 9:22-25; Ge 10:6; Ge 49:3; Ex 12:12,29,30; Ex 13:15; Ps 105:23; Ps 105:36; Ps 106:22; Ps 135:8; Ps 136:10; Heb 11:28

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tn Heb “the beginning of strength.” If retained, the plural form אוֹנִים (’onim, “strength”) probably indicates degree (“great strength”), but many ancient witnesses read “their strength,” which presupposes an emendation to אֹנָם (’onam; singular form of the noun with third masculine plural pronominal suffix).

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