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Psalms 77:13


1 O God, your deeds are extraordinary! 2  What god can compare to our great God? 3 


Ex 15:11; De 32:31; Ps 27:4; Ps 63:2; Ps 68:25; Ps 73:17; Ps 89:6-8; Isa 40:18,25; Isa 46:5

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sn Verses 13-20 are the content of the psalmist’s reflection (see vv. 11-12). As he thought about God’s work in Israel’s past, he reached the place where he could confidently cry out for God’s help (see v. 1).

tn Heb “O God, in holiness [is] your way.” God’s “way” here refers to his actions. “Holiness” is used here in the sense of “set apart, unique,” rather than in a moral/ethical sense. As the next line and the next verse emphasize, God’s deeds are incomparable and set him apart as the one true God.

tn Heb “Who [is] a great god like God?” The rhetorical question assumes the answer, “No one!”

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