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Psalms 76:10


Certainly 1  your angry judgment upon men will bring you praise; 2  you reveal your anger in full measure. 3 


Ge 37:18-20,26-28; Ge 50:20; Ex 9:16,17; Ex 15:9-11; Ex 18:11; Ps 46:6; Ps 65:7; Ps 104:9; Da 3:19,20; Mt 2:13-16; Mt 24:22; Ac 4:26-28; Ac 12:3-19; Re 11:18

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tn Or “for.”

tn Heb “the anger of men will praise you.” This could mean that men’s anger (subjective genitive), when punished by God, will bring him praise, but this interpretation does not harmonize well with the next line. The translation assumes that God’s anger is in view here (see v. 7) and that “men” is an objective genitive. God’s angry judgment against men brings him praise because it reveals his power and majesty (see vv. 1-4).

tn Heb “the rest of anger you put on.” The meaning of the statement is not entirely clear. Perhaps the idea is that God, as he prepares for battle, girds himself with every last ounce of his anger, as if it were a weapon.

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