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Psalms 74:15


You broke open the spring and the stream; 1  you dried up perpetually flowing rivers. 2 


Ex 17:5,6; Nu 20:11; Jos 3:13-17; 2Ki 2:8,14; Ps 105:41; Isa 11:16; Isa 44:27; Isa 48:21; Hab 3:9; Re 16:12

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sn You broke open the spring and the stream. Perhaps this alludes to the way in which God provided water for the Israelites as they traveled in the wilderness following the exodus (see Ps 78:15-16, 20; 105:41).

sn Perpetually flowing rivers are rivers that contain water year round, unlike the seasonal streams that flow only during the rainy season. Perhaps the psalmist here alludes to the drying up of the Jordan River when the Israelites entered the land of Canaan under Joshua (see Josh 3-4).

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