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Psalms 73:15


If I had publicized these thoughts, 1  I would have betrayed your loyal followers. 2 


1Sa 2:24; Ps 22:30; Ps 24:6; Mal 2:8; Mt 18:6,7; Ro 14:15,21; 1Co 8:11-13; 1Pe 2:9

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tn Heb “If I had said, ‘I will speak out like this.’”

tn Heb “look, the generation of your sons I would have betrayed.” The phrase “generation of your [i.e., God’s] sons” occurs only here in the OT. Some equate the phrase with “generation of the godly” (Ps 14:5), “generation of the ones seeking him” (Ps 24:6), and “generation of the upright” (Ps 112:2). In Deut 14:1 the Israelites are referred to as God’s “sons.” Perhaps the psalmist refers here to those who are “Israelites” in the true sense because of their loyalty to God (note the juxtaposition of “Israel” with “the pure in heart” in v. 1).

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