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Psalms 72:8


May he rule 1  from sea to sea, 2  and from the Euphrates River 3  to the ends of the earth!


Ex 23:31; 1Ki 4:21-24; Ps 2:8; Ps 22:27,28; Ps 80:11; Ps 89:25,36; Zec 9:10; Re 11:15

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tn The prefixed verbal form is a (shortened) jussive form, indicating this is a prayer of blessing.

sn From sea to sea. This may mean from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Dead Sea in the east. See Amos 8:12. The language of this and the following line also appears in Zech 9:10.

tn Heb “the river,” a reference to the Euphrates.

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