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Psalms 68:31


They come with red cloth 1  from Egypt, Ethiopia 2  voluntarily offers tribute 3  to God.


1Ki 8:22; Ps 44:20; Ps 72:8-11; Ps 88:9; Ps 143:6; Isa 19:18-25; Isa 45:14; Isa 60:6,7; Isa 66:19; Zep 3:10; Ac 8:27-40

NET © Notes

tn This noun, which occurs only here in the OT, apparently means “red cloth” or “bronze articles” (see HALOT 362 s.v. חַשְׁמַן; cf. NEB “tribute”). Traditionally the word has been taken to refer to “nobles” (see BDB 365 s.v. חַשְׁמַן; cf. NIV “envoys”). Another option would be to emend the text to הַשְׁמַנִּים (hashmannim, “the robust ones,” i.e., leaders).

tn Heb “Cush.”

tn Heb “causes its hands to run,” which must mean “quickly stretches out its hands” (to present tribute).

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