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Psalms 5:7


But as for me, 1  because of your great faithfulness I will enter your house; 2  I will bow down toward your holy temple as I worship you. 3 


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sn But as for me. By placing the first person pronoun at the beginning of the verse, the psalmist highlights the contrast between the evildoers’ actions and destiny, outlined in the preceding verses, with his own.

sn I will enter your house. The psalmist is confident that God will accept him into his presence, in contrast to the evildoers (see v. 5).

tn Heb “in fear [of] you.” The Hebrew noun יִרְאָה (yirah, “fear”), when used of fearing God, is sometimes used metonymically for what it ideally produces: “worship, reverence, piety.”

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