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Psalms 5:11


But may all who take shelter 1  in you be happy! 2  May they continually 3  shout for joy! 4  Shelter them 5  so that those who are loyal to you 6  may rejoice! 7 


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sn Take shelter. “Taking shelter” in the Lord is an idiom for seeking his protection. Seeking his protection presupposes and even demonstrates the subject’s loyalty to the Lord. In the psalms those who “take shelter” in the Lord are contrasted with the wicked and equated with those who love, fear and serve the Lord (Pss 5:11-12; 31:17-20; 34:21-22).

tn The prefixed verbal form is a jussive of wish or prayer. The psalmist calls on God to reward his faithful followers.

tn Or perhaps more hyperbolically, “forever.”

tn As in the preceding line, the prefixed verbal form is a jussive of wish or prayer.

tn Heb “put a cover over them.” The verb form is a Hiphil imperfect from סָכַךְ (sakhakh, “cover, shut off”). The imperfect expresses the psalmist’s wish or request.

tn Heb “the lovers of your name.” The phrase refers to those who are loyal to the Lord. See Pss 69:36; 119:132; Isa 56:6.

tn The vav (ו) with prefixed verbal form following the volitional “shelter them” indicates purpose or result (“so that those…may rejoice).

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