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Psalms 49:19


But he will join his ancestors; 1  they will never again see the light of day. 2 


Ge 15:15; 1Ki 16:6; Job 33:30; Ps 56:13; Ec 3:21; Ec 12:7; Mt 8:12; Mt 22:13; Lu 12:20; Lu 16:22,23; Jude 1:13

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tn Verses 18-19a are one long sentence in the Hebrew text, which reads: “Though he blesses his soul in his life, [saying], ‘And let them praise you, for you do well for yourself,’ it [that is, his soul] will go to the generation of his fathers.” This has been divided into two sentences in the translation for clarity, in keeping with the tendency of contemporary English to use shorter sentences.

tn Heb “light.” The words “of day” are supplied in the translation for clarification.

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