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Psalms 45:9


Princesses 1  are among your honored guests, 2  your bride 3  stands at your right hand, wearing jewelry made with gold from Ophir. 4 


1Ki 2:9,19; 1Ki 10:11; Job 22:24; Ps 45:13; Ps 72:10; So 4:8-11; So 6:8,9; So 7:1; Isa 49:23; Isa 60:10,11; Joh 3:29; Eph 5:26,27; Re 19:7; Re 21:2,9; Re 21:24

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tn Heb “daughters of kings.”

tn Heb “valuable ones.” The form is feminine plural.

tn This rare Hebrew noun apparently refers to the king’s bride, who will soon be queen (see Neh 2:6). The Aramaic cognate is used of royal wives in Dan 5:2-3, 23.

tn Heb “a consort stands at your right hand, gold of Ophir.”

sn Gold from Ophir is also mentioned in Isa 13:12 and Job 28:16. The precise location of Ophir is uncertain; Arabia, India, East Africa, and South Africa have all been suggested as options.

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