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Psalms 45:10


Listen, O princess! 1  Observe and pay attention! 2  Forget your homeland 3  and your family! 4 


Ge 2:24; Ge 12:1; De 21:13; De 33:9; So 2:10-13; Isa 55:1-3; Mt 10:37; Mt 19:29; Lu 14:26; 2Co 5:16; 2Co 6:17,18; 2Co 7:1

NET © Notes

tn Heb “daughter.” The Hebrew noun בת (“daughter”) can sometimes refer to a young woman in a general sense (see H. Haag, TDOT 2:334).

sn Listen, O princess. The poet now addresses the bride.

tn Heb “see and turn your ear.” The verb רָאָה (raah, “see”) is used here of mental observation.

tn Heb “your people.” This reference to the “people” of the princess suggests she was a foreigner. Perhaps the marriage was arranged as part of a political alliance between Israel (or Judah) and a neighboring state. The translation “your homeland” reflects such a situation.

tn Heb “and the house of your father.”

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