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Psalms 38:7


For I am overcome with shame 1  and my whole body is sick. 2 


2Ch 21:18,19; Job 7:5; Job 30:18; Ps 38:3; Ps 41:8; Ac 12:23

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tn Heb “for my loins are filled with shame.” The “loins” are viewed here as the seat of the psalmist’s emotions. The present translation assumes that נִקְלֶה (niqleh) is derived from קָלָה (qalah, “be dishonored”). Some derive it instead from a homonymic root קָלָה (qalah), meaning “to roast.” In this case one might translate “fever” (cf. NEB “my loins burn with fever”).

tn Heb “there is no soundness in my flesh” (see v. 3).

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