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Psalms 36:4


He plans ways to sin while he lies in bed; he is committed to a sinful lifestyle; 1  he does not reject what is evil. 2 


1Sa 19:11; Es 5:14; Es 6:4; Job 15:16; Ps 38:12; Ps 97:10; Pr 4:16; Pr 24:23; Isa 65:2; Jer 6:16; Jer 8:6; Jer 9:2-9; Ho 7:6,7; Am 5:15; Mic 2:1; Mic 6:8; Mt 27:1; Ac 23:12; Ro 1:32; Ro 12:9; Re 2:2

NET © Notes

tn Heb “he takes a stand in a way [that is] not good.” The word “way” here refers metaphorically to behavior or life style.

tn The three imperfect verbal forms in v. 4 highlight the characteristic behavior of the typical evildoer.

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