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Psalms 34:22


The Lord rescues his servants; 1  all who take shelter in him escape punishment. 2 


Ge 48:16; 2Sa 4:9; 1Ki 1:29; Ps 9:9,10; Ps 31:5; Ps 71:23; Ps 84:11,12; Ps 103:4; Ps 130:8; La 3:58; Joh 10:27-29; Ro 8:31-39; 1Pe 1:5; 1Pe 1:18,19; Re 5:9

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tn Heb “redeems the life of his servants.” The Hebrew participial form suggests such deliverance is characteristic.

tn “Taking shelter” in the Lord is an idiom for seeking his protection. Seeking his protection presupposes and even demonstrates the subject’s loyalty to the Lord. In the psalms those who “take shelter” in the Lord are contrasted with the wicked and equated with those who love, fear, and serve the Lord (Pss 2:12; 5:11-12; 31:19).

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