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Psalms 21:8


You 1  prevail over 2  all your enemies; your power is too great for those who hate you. 3 


1Sa 25:29; 1Sa 31:3; 2Sa 7:1; Ps 2:9; Ps 18:1; Ps 72:9; Ps 89:22,23; Ps 110:1,2; Am 9:2,3; Lu 19:14,27; 1Co 15:25; Heb 10:28,29; Re 19:15

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tn The king is now addressed. One could argue that the Lord is still being addressed, but v. 9 militates against this proposal, for there the Lord is mentioned in the third person and appears to be distinct from the addressee (unless, of course, one takes “Lord” in v. 9 as vocative; see the note on “them” in v. 9b). Verse 7 begins this transition to a new addressee by referring to both the king and the Lord in the third person (in vv. 1-6 the Lord is addressed and only the king referred to in the third person).

tn Heb “your hand finds.” The idiom pictures the king grabbing hold of his enemies and defeating them (see 1 Sam 23:17). The imperfect verbal forms in vv. 8-12 may be translated with the future tense, as long as the future is understood as generalizing.

tn Heb “your right hand finds those who hate you.”

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