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Psalms 2:2


The kings of the earth 1  form a united front; 2  the rulers collaborate 3  against the Lord and his anointed king. 4 


Ex 16:7; Ps 2:10; Ps 45:7; Ps 48:4; Ps 89:20; Ps 110:5; Pr 21:30; Isa 61:1; Mt 2:16; Mt 26:3,59; Mt 27:1; Lu 13:31; Lu 23:11,12; Joh 1:41; Joh 3:34; Joh 15:23; Ac 4:5-8; Ac 9:4; Ac 10:38; Ac 12:1-6; Heb 1:9; Re 17:12-14

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sn The expression kings of the earth refers somewhat hyperbolically to the kings who had been conquered by and were subject to the Davidic king.

tn Or “take their stand.” The Hebrew imperfect verbal form describes their action as underway.

tn Or “conspire together.” The verbal form is a Niphal from יָסַד (yasad). BDB 413-14 s.v. יָסַד defines the verb as “establish, found,” but HALOT 417 s.v. II יסד proposes a homonym meaning “get together, conspire” (an alternate form of סוּד, sud).

tn Heb “and against his anointed one.” The Davidic king is the referent (see vv. 6-7).

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