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Psalms 18:9


He made the sky sink 1  as he descended; a thick cloud was under his feet.


De 5:22,23; De 33:26; 2Sa 22:10; Ps 68:4; Ps 144:5-15; Isa 51:6; Joe 3:16; Mt 24:29; Mr 15:33; Joh 13:7; Heb 12:26; 2Pe 3:10; Re 20:11

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tn The Hebrew verb נָטָה (natah) can carry the sense “[cause to] bend, bow down.” For example, Gen 49:15 pictures Issachar as a donkey that “bends” its shoulder or back under a burden. Here the Lord causes the sky, pictured as a dome or vault, to sink down as he descends in the storm.

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