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Psalms 143:6


I spread my hands out to you in prayer; 1  my soul thirsts for you in a parched 2  land. 3 


Job 11:13; Ps 42:1,2; Ps 44:20; Ps 63:1; Ps 84:2; Ps 88:9; Isa 26:8,9; Isa 35:7; Joh 7:37

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tn The words “in prayer” are supplied in the translation to clarify that the psalmist is referring to a posture of prayer.

tn Heb “faint” or “weary.” See Ps 63:1.

tc Heb “my soul like a faint land for you.” A verb (perhaps “thirsts”) is implied (see Ps 63:1). The translation assumes an emendation of the preposition -כְּ (kÿ, “like”) to -בְּ (bÿ, “in,” see Ps 63:1; cf. NEB “athirst for thee in a thirsty land”). If the MT is retained, one might translate, “my soul thirsts for you, as a parched land does for water/rain” (cf. NIV, NRSV).

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