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Psalms 140:2


who plan ways to harm me. 1  All day long they stir up conflict. 2 


1Sa 23:19-24; 1Sa 24:11,12; 1Sa 26:1-25; Ps 2:1,2; Ps 21:11; Ps 36:4; Ps 38:12; Ps 56:6; Ps 62:3; Ps 64:5,6; Ps 120:7; Pr 12:20; Ho 7:6; Mic 2:1-3; Na 1:11

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tn Heb “they devise wicked [plans] in [their] mind.”

tc Heb “they attack [for] war.” Some revocalize the verb (which is a Qal imperfect from גּוּר, gur, “to attack”) as יְגָרוּ (yÿgaru), a Piel imperfect from גָרָה (garah, “stir up strife”). This is followed in the present translation.

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