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Psalms 119:30


I choose the path of faithfulness; I am committed to 1  your regulations.


De 11:18-20; Jos 24:15; Ps 119:24,52; Ps 119:29,111,173; Pr 1:29; Lu 10:42; Joh 3:19-21; Joh 8:45; 1Pe 2:2; 2Jo 1:4

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tn BDB 1000-1001 s.v. I שָׁוָה derives the verb from the first homonym listed, meaning “to agree with; to be like; to resemble.” It here means (in the Piel stem) “to be accounted suitable,” which in turn would mean by metonymy “to accept; to be committed to.” Some prefer to derive the verb from a homonym meaning “to place; to set,” but in this case an elliptical prepositional phrase must be understood, “I place your regulations [before me]” (see Ps 16:8).

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