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Psalms 119:29


Remove me from the path of deceit! 1  Graciously give me 2  your law!


Ps 119:5; Ps 119:37,104,128,163; Ps 141:3,4; Pr 30:8; Isa 44:20; Jer 16:19; Jer 31:33,34; Jon 2:8; Eph 4:22-25; Heb 8:10,11; 1Jo 1:8; 1Jo 2:4; Re 22:15

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tn The “path of deceit” refers to a lifestyle characterized by deceit and disloyalty to God. It stands in contrast to the “way of faithfulness” in v. 30.

tn Heb “be gracious to me.” The verb is used metonymically here for “graciously giving” the law. (See Gen 33:5, where Jacob uses this verb in describing how God had graciously given him children.)

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