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Psalms 119:28


I collapse 1  from grief. Sustain me by your word! 2 


De 33:25; Jos 2:11,24; Ps 22:14; Ps 27:14; Ps 29:11; Ps 107:26; Isa 40:29,31; Zec 10:12; Eph 3:16; Php 4:13

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tn Some translate “my soul weeps,” taking the verb דָלַף (dalaf) from a root meaning “to drip; to drop” (BDB 196 s.v. דֶּלַף). On the basis of cognate evidence from Arabic and Akkadian, HALOT 223 s.v. II דלף proposes a homonymic root here, meaning “be sleepless.” Following L. C. Allen (Psalms 101-150 [WBC], 127, 135) the translation assumes that the verb is cognate with Ugaritic dlp, “to collapse; to crumple” in CTA 2 iv. 17, 26. See G. R. Driver, Canaanite Myths and Legends, 44, 144.

tn Heb “according to your word.” Many medieval Hebrew mss read the plural “your words.”

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