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Psalms 11:3


When the foundations 1  are destroyed, what can the godly 2  accomplish?” 3 


2Ki 19:13-18; 2Ki 22:12-14; 2Ch 32:13-15; Ne 6:10-12; Ps 75:3; Ps 82:5; Isa 58:12; Jer 26:11-15; Da 3:15-18; Da 6:10-28; Joh 11:8-10; Ac 4:5-12,24-33; 2Ti 2:19

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tn The precise meaning of this rare word is uncertain. An Ugaritic cognate is used of the “bottom” or “base” of a cliff or mountain (see G. R. Driver, Canaanite Myths and Legends, 47, 159). The noun appears in postbiblical Hebrew with the meaning “foundation” (see Jastrow 1636 s.v. שָׁת).

tn The singular form is used here in a collective or representative sense. Note the plural form “pure [of heart]” in the previous verse.

sn The quotation of the advisers’ words (which begins in 11:1c) ends at this point. They advise the psalmist to flee because the enemy is poised to launch a deadly attack. In such a lawless and chaotic situation godly people like the psalmist can accomplish nothing, so they might as well retreat to a safe place.

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