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Psalms 107:9


For he has satisfied those who thirst, 1  and those who hunger he has filled with food. 2 


Ps 34:10; Ps 132:15; Ps 146:7; Isa 55:1-3; Jer 31:14,25; Mt 5:6; Lu 1:53; Re 7:16,17

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tn Heb “[the] longing throat.” The noun נֶפֶשׁ (nefesh), which frequently refers to one’s very being or soul, here probably refers to one’s parched “throat” (note the parallelism with נֶפֱשׁ רְעֵבָה, nefesh rÿevah, “hungry throat”).

tn Heb “and [the] hungry throat he has filled [with] good.”

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