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Psalms 107:38


He blessed 1  them so that they became very numerous. He would not allow their cattle to decrease in number. 2 


Ge 1:28; Ge 9:1; Ge 12:2; Ge 17:16,20; Ge 30:43; Ge 31:9; Ex 1:7; Ex 9:3-7; Ex 12:38; De 7:14; De 28:4,11; De 30:9; Ps 128:1-6; Ps 144:13,14; Pr 10:22; Jer 30:19; Eze 37:26

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tn “Bless” here carries the nuance “endue with sexual potency, make fertile.” See Gen 1:28, where the statement “he blessed them” directly precedes the command “be fruitful and populate the earth” (see also 1:22). The verb “bless” carries this same nuance in Gen 17:16 (where God’s blessing of Sarai imparts to her the capacity to bear a child); 48:16 (where God’s blessing of Joseph’s sons is closely associated with their having numerous descendants); and Deut 7:13 (where God’s blessing is associated with fertility in general, including numerous descendants). See also Gen 49:25 (where Jacob uses the noun derivative in referring to “blessings of the breast and womb,” an obvious reference to fertility) and Gen 27:27 (where the verb is used of a field to which God has given the capacity to produce vegetation).

tn The verbal form in this line appears to be an imperfect, which may be taken as customary (drawing attention to typical action in a past time frame) or as generalizing (in which case one should use the English present tense, understanding a move from narrative to present reality).

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