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Proverbs 8:36


But the one who does not find me 1  brings harm 2  to himself; 3  all who hate me 4  love death.”


Pr 1:31; Pr 5:11,12,22,23; Pr 20:2; Eze 18:31; Eze 33:11; Joh 3:19,20; Joh 15:23,24; Ac 13:46; 1Co 16:22; Heb 2:3; Heb 10:29

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tn Heb “the one sinning [against] me.” The verb חָטָא (khata’, “to sin”) forms a contrast with “find” in the previous verse, and so has its basic meaning of “failing to find, miss.” So it is talking about the one who misses wisdom, as opposed to the one who finds it.

tn The Qal active participle functions verbally here. The word stresses both social and physical harm and violence.

sn Brings harm. Whoever tries to live without wisdom is inviting all kinds of disaster into his life.

tn Heb “his soul.”

tn The basic idea of the verb שָׂנֵא (sane’, “to hate”) is that of rejection. Its antonym is also used in the line, “love,” which has the idea of choosing. So not choosing (i.e., hating) wisdom amounts to choosing (i.e., loving) death.

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