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Proverbs 31:28


Her children rise up 1  and call her blessed, her husband 2  also praises her:


1Ki 2:19; Ps 116:16; Pr 31:1; So 7:1-9; Isa 62:4,5; 2Ti 1:5; 2Ti 3:15-17

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tn The first word of the nineteenth line begins with ק (qof), the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

sn The deliberate action of “rising up” to call her blessed is the Hebrew way of indicating something important is about to be done that has to be prepared for.

tn The text uses an independent nominative absolute to draw attention to her husband: “her husband, and he praises her.” Prominent as he is, her husband speaks in glowing terms of his noble wife.

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