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Proverbs 30:11


There is a generation 1  who curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers. 2 


Le 20:9; De 21:20,21; De 27:16; Pr 20:20; Pr 30:12-14; Pr 30:17; Mt 3:7; Mt 15:4-6; Mr 7:10-13; 1Ti 5:4,8; 1Pe 2:9

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sn The next four verses all start with the Hebrew expression translated “There is a generation.” This is a series of denunciations of things that are dangerous in society without mentioning specific punishments or proscriptions. The word “generation” as used in this passage refers to a class or group of people.

sn The first observation is that there is a segment in society that lacks respect for parents. This uses the antonyms “curse” and [not] “bless” to make the point. To “curse” a parent could include treating them lightly, defaming them, or showing disrespect in general. To “bless” would mean to honor, respect, or enrich in some way, which is what should be done (e.g., Exod 21:17; Prov 20:20).

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