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Proverbs 3:1


My child, 2  do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep 3  my commandments,


De 4:9; De 4:23; De 6:6-9; De 8:1; De 30:16-20; Ps 119:11,16,34,47,48; Ps 119:93,153,176; Pr 1:8; Pr 4:5; Pr 31:5; Isa 51:17; Jer 31:33; Ho 4:6; Joh 14:21-24

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sn The chapter begins with an introductory exhortation (1-4), followed by an admonition to be faithful to the Lord (5-12). Wisdom is commended as the most valuable possession (13-18), essential to creation (19-20), and the way to a long and safe life (21-26). There then follows a warning to avoid unneighborliness (27-30) and emulating the wicked (31-35).

tn Heb “my son” (likewise in vv. 11, 21).

tn The verb יִצֹּר (yitsor) is a Qal jussive and the noun לִבֶּךָ (libbekha, “your heart”) functions as the subject: “let your heart keep my commandments.”

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